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ProTOp - Efficient topology optimization of real-life engineering parts
ProTOp - Advanced FEA solvers for effective stress and eigenfrequency optimization
ProTOp - Configuring and optimization of full 3D solid-shell-lattice structures
ProTOp - Lighting-fast optimization of multi-million-element models
ProTOp - Fully interactive with progress visualization and at-any-time adjustments
ProTOp - Smooth boundaries and export to STL, OBJ, STEP, and AMF
ProTOp - Excellent for 3D print and conventional production methods
ProTOp - Let stresses and eigenfrequencies drive your design process


Current version:  5.0

Last build:  180520;  May 20, 2018

Get installer:  download page

Version 5.0 highlights

  • Completely renewed (UI, engines, ...)
  • Great new tools (mesh refinement, ...)
  • Much easier model preparation (load cases, configurators, ...)
  • Much easier and more intuitive UI
  • Better smoothing and export
  • Faster and even more interactive ...

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  • A standalone high performance topology optimization software package
  • Input: FNF, INP, GEO, and DAT files, generated by PTC® Creo®, Simulia® Abaqus, SolidWorks® Simulation, and Siemens NX™
  • Advanced design options by efficient shell and lattice configurators with full 3D solid models
  • Fully interactive with excellent results and smoothing tools for direct 3D print

CAESS ProTOp in Action

The following material was kindly provided by Poclain Hydraulics d.o.o. with their consent to reproduce it here.

Topology optimization of a hydraulic valve

Initial assembly

Copyright © Poclain Hydraulics

Optimized part

  • Mesh size: 13.2 million elements
  • Configurators: 2 shells; 1 solid
  • Technological constraints: bi-uni-directional opening

Copyright © Poclain Hydraulics

Final assembly

Copyright © Poclain Hydraulics


Videos provided by Urs Simmler (GIA)

Latest webinar: Topology optimization with CAESS ProTOp 5.0

Optimization with CAESS ProTOp 5.0 and CAD model retrieval by PTC Creo's Freestyle tool

Topology optimization by Creo / ProTOpCI

Live Creo / ProTOpCI demo from EMEA 2015 in Spain

Case studies

Loudspeaker holder

Loudspeaker holder - video

Hip implant in femur bone

Hip implant - video

GE Jet Engine Bracket

Oil pan eigenfrequency maximization

Oil pan - video


Shell and Lattice Structures FAQ

Topology Optimization Quick Guide

ProTOp Features Explained Briefly


ProTOp Basic Information

ProTOp Lattice Tools Information