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ProTOp - Topology optimization as easy as one can get
ProTOp - Advanced FEA solvers for effective stress and eigenfrequency optimization
ProTOp - Configuring and optimization of full 3D solid-shell-lattice structures
ProTOp - Lighting-fast optimization of multi-million-element models
ProTOp - Efficient configuration tools for solid/shell/lattice design and optimization
ProTOp - Excellent for 3D print and conventional production methods
ProTOp - Smooth boundaries and export to AMF, STEP, and STL
ProTOp - Let stresses and eigenfrequencies drive your design process


Coming soon: version 5.0

Planned release: January, 2018

Version 5.0 highlights

  • Completely renewed (UI, engines, ...)
  • Great new tools (mesh refinement, ...)
  • Much easier model preparation (load cases, configurators, ...)
  • Much easier and more intuitive UI
  • Better smoothing and export
  • Faster and even more interactive ...

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More version 5.0 details


  • A standalone high performance topology optimization software package
  • Input: FNF, INP, GEO, and DAT files, generated by PTC® Creo®, Simulia® Abaqus, SolidWorks® Simulation, and Siemens NX™
  • Quick solid, shell, and lattice structure configuring and immediate optimization
  • Excellent results and smoothing tools – optimized parts are practically ready for 3D-printing and manufacturing

CAESS ProTOp Live Presentations

At the PTC MANUFACTURING MEETING – SCHUNK GmbH 2016 ProTOpCI was demonstrated by Urs Simmler, GIA Informatik AG, Switzerland. A video of the lecture, including ProTOpCI live demo, is also available.

At the SAXSIM 2016 in Germany ProTOp/CI was demonstrated in a presentation held by Urs Simmler, GIA Informatik AG, Switzerland.

CAESS ProTOp/CI was presented at the formnext 2015, an international exhibition and conference on additive technologies and tool making in Frankfurt, Germany.

At the Audaxexpo2015 in Celje, Slovenia, ProTOp was demonstrated in a live presentation.

At the PTC Live Worx 2015 in Japan ProTOp/CI was demonstrated in a presentation held by Xinhua Ye, Ph.D., a CEO from Sentan Digital Co., Ltd. The presentation is available in Japanese.

At the Technological Innovation and Materials Seminar 2015 in Tel Aviv, Israel, ProTOp was demonstrated in a live presentation.

At the PTC Partner Technical Symposium EMEA 2015 in Spain ProTOpCI operation with PTC Creo was demonstrated live by Urs Simmler, PTC Switzerland.


Videos provided by Urs Simmler

Run topology optimization with CAESS ProTOp 5.0 and get a CAD model of the result by using PTC Creo and its Freestyle tool

Topology optimization by Creo / ProTOpCI

Live Creo / ProTOpCI demo from EMEA 2015 in Spain

Case studies

Loudspeaker holder

Loudspeaker holder - video

Hip implant in femur bone

Hip implant - video

GE Jet Engine Bracket

Oil pan eigenfrequency maximization

Oil pan - video


Shell and Lattice Structures FAQ

Topology Optimization Quick Guide

ProTOp/CI Features Explained Briefly


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ProTOp/CI Lattice Tools Information