A standalone topology optimization software that takes as input FNF, INP, GEO, and DAT files, generated by PTC® Creo®, Simulia® Abaqus, SolidWorks® Simulation, and Siemens NX™ respectively.

Coming soon: a completely renewed ProTOp 5.0

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  • Based on custom finite elements, developed in-house especially for topology optimization
  • FEA - highly parallelized code, high performance sparse solver
  • Optimizer - a hybrid evolutionary/level-set optimizer, highly parallelized code
  • Shell (envelope) and lattice structure generation from solid parts
  • Semi-contact and semi-plastic finite elements
  • Easy modeling of pin joints, bolt/rivet fastening, and similar contact situations
  • Simple and easy to use user interface; fully interactive optimization process


  • Structure: statically loaded, linearly elastic isotropic material
  • Objectives: minimum strain energy; maximum lowest eigenfrequency
  • Targeting: volume part, stress, displacement
  • Technological constraints: YES
  • Multiple load cases: YES
  • Smoothing and simplification tools for resulting surface mesh: YES

Hardware recommendations

  • CPU: A good entry is a 4-core i7 or comparable CPU. Note that 6 or 8 cores (e.g., 2 Xeons) are significantly better, but there is not much improvement when going beyond 12 cores.
  • RAM: A good entry is 16 GB, but for more serious work 32 GB is actually the minimum.
  • Drive: In cases of RAM shortage, ProTop/ProTOpCI will switch to partial out-of-RAM (disk) storage; in this case a dedicated (work) SSD on SATA III interface is recommended.


ProTOp/CI Basic Information

ProTOp/CI Lattice Tools Information

Detailed specifications and features

ProTOp/CI Data Sheet

ProTOp/CI Features Explained

Supported formats for model import

  • FNF (export from PTC® Creo®)
  • INP (Simulia® Abaqus); ProTOp only
  • INP (SolidWorks® Simulation); ProTOp only
  • GEO (SolidWorks® Simulation); ProTOp only
  • DAT (Siemens NX™); ProTOp only

Results output formats

  • AMF
  • OBJ
  • STEP
  • STL

A glance at ProTOp 5.0 features

Completely renewed engines

  • New FEA process management - much faster for certain optimization problems
  • Renewed internal data format for faster execution and more optimization options
  • Renewed optimization stepper, geometry processing, surface processing, ...

Completely renewed UI

  • Much more intuitive with more preview capabilities
  • Even more interactive as the previous version

New exciting tools

  • Localized FE mesh refinement for easy preparation of adequate meshes
  • Design limits analysis with preview for easier model preparation

Easier FEA model preparation

  • Much better material options handling
  • Easy definition of combined load cases - as a linear combination of imported LCs

Easier optimization model preparation

  • Easier definition of volume and surface regions
  • More intuitive work with configurators and technological constraints

Improved smoothing and export tools

  • Renewed mesh smoothing procedures
  • New simplification tools for export of CAD acceptable surfaces