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ProTOp - Efficient topology optimization of real-life engineering parts
ProTOp - Advanced FEA solvers for effective stress and eigenfrequency optimization
ProTOp - Configuring and optimization of full 3D solid-shell-lattice structures
ProTOp - Lighting-fast optimization of multi-million-element models
ProTOp - Fully interactive with progress visualization and at-any-time adjustments
ProTOp - Smooth boundaries and export to STL, OBJ, STEP, and AMF
ProTOp - Excellent for 3D print and conventional production methods
ProTOp - Let stresses and eigenfrequencies drive your design process


Current version:  5.0

Last build:  190314;  March 14, 2019

Get installer:  download page

Version 5.0 highlights

  • Completely renewed (UI, engines, ...)
  • Great new tools (mesh refinement, ...)
  • Much easier model preparation (load cases, configurators, ...)
  • Much easier and more intuitive UI
  • Better smoothing and export
  • Faster and even more interactive ...

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More version 5.0 details

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  • A standalone high performance topology optimization software package
  • Input: FNF, INP, GEO, and DAT files, generated by PTC® Creo®, Simulia® Abaqus, SolidWorks® Simulation, and Siemens NX™
  • Advanced design options by efficient shell and lattice configurators with full 3D solid models
  • Fully interactive with excellent results and smoothing tools for direct 3D print

  • Take a look at a webinar on CAESS ProTOp usage, organized by Novedge (USA)
  • Title: FEA-Driven Design of Load-Carrying Structural Parts
  • Recording available at:

CAESS ProTOp in Action

The following material was kindly provided by Poclain Hydraulics d.o.o. with their consent to reproduce it here.

Topology optimization of a hydraulic valve

Initial assembly

Copyright © Poclain Hydraulics

Optimized part

  • Mesh size: 13.2 million elements
  • Configurators: 2 shells; 1 solid
  • Technological constraints: bi-uni-directional opening

Copyright © Poclain Hydraulics

Final assembly

Copyright © Poclain Hydraulics


Videos provided by Urs Simmler (GIA)

Webinar: Topology optimization with CAESS ProTOp 5.0

Optimization with CAESS ProTOp 5.0 and CAD model retrieval by PTC Creo's Freestyle tool

Topology optimization by Creo / ProTOpCI

Live Creo / ProTOpCI demo from EMEA 2015 in Spain

Case studies

Loudspeaker holder

Loudspeaker holder - video

Hip implant in femur bone

Hip implant - video

GE Jet Engine Bracket

Oil pan eigenfrequency maximization

Oil pan - video


Shell and Lattice Structures FAQ

Topology Optimization Quick Guide

ProTOp Features Explained Briefly


ProTOp Basic Information

ProTOp Lattice Tools Information