A standalone topology optimization software that takes as input FNF, INP, GEO, and DAT files, generated by PTC® Creo®, Simulia® Abaqus, SolidWorks® Simulation, and Siemens NX™ respectively.


The software is provided 'as is' without any warranty or liability of any kind. See the License Agreement for complete information.

Download and installation

  • Click on the installation package link and save the zipped file to your local machine.
  •   Important. Unblock the zipped installer file from within File Explorer before unzipping it; see important notes below.
  • Unzip the package to any folder (preserve the directory structure).
  •   Important. Read the upgrade information if upgrading from 5.0.
  • Run the CaessPrerequisites.exe and follow the instructions.

Quick start examples

To make a quick start, it is advisable to

  • take a look at the quick start guide and
  • run a few illustrative examples.

Just download the desired example package and unzip it.

Note. The FE meshes in the basic examples are usually rather coarse in order to enable fast computation and experimentation with ProTOp parameters. In real-life applications, the used FE meshes typically have to be much finer.

Note. Many of the provided examples contain models with more than 25.000 FE nodes. To run these examples, a TRIAL license has to be acquired.

Licensing information

Evaluation License

The purpose of the EVALUATION license is to get know ProTOp operation and UI. Small examples up to max 50.000 FE nodes can be run. This license is installed automatically by installing the software.

Trial License

A TRIAL license does not contain any limitations regarding the FE model size, but requires a license request to be sent to CAESS for registration. The license itself and registration is free of charge and does not impose any obligations of any kind. To get the license and register:

  • Run CAESS License Service Manager
  • On the License tab click the Request... button
  • Fill in your data and generate a license request file that has to be sent to CAESS

You should receive your license activation file by e-mail within the next few days.

Academic and Research Licenses

Academic institutions may purchase a substantially discounted ACADEMIC license that can be used in education and non-profit research work within the institution. This license can be used by both, the students and by the academic staff. The FE model size is limited to 0.5 million FE nodes. In case of interest, please just contact our partner from your region for more information.

For non-profit research work, academic and research institutions may purchase a RESEARCH license, which does not contain any limitations of the FE model.

Commercial Licenses

For commercial use of ProTOp, a commercial license has to be purchased. For more information please just contact our partner from your region.

Important download and installation notes


Depending on your security settings, the downloaded installer file may be blocked by Windows® because it originates from the internet. In such a case the zipped installer file must be unblocked before unzipping it. To do so, run File Explorer, navigate to the downloaded file, right-click the file and select Properties. Click the Unblock button.


All CAESS installers are digitally signed by valid SHA-2 based certificates. In spite of this, it may happen that Windows® will issue a SmartScreen warning message when trying to run the installer.

If this happens, just:

▲ Click the More info link button and check the publisher - it should be CAESS d.o.o.

▲ After verifying the publisher, choose the Run Anyway option

▲ The first next window you should see after starting the installer should be similar to:

▲ To check the certificate details, just click on the Show details button and use the provided certificate info link button.